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Summer Session – Teach 4 Amerika

Teach 4 Amerika, 2011; poster. Courtesy of the Bruce High Quality Foundation and Creative Time, New York.

Our new Summer Session topic is Back to School, and today we bring you an article from our sister publication Art Practical. Here, Patricia Maloney reviews the Bruce High Quality Foundation’s tour Teach 4 Amerika, the collaborative’s 2011 performative critique of the art academy. Though BHQF foregrounds its significant arguments against the economic art-school model with a healthy dose of irony, Maloney finds that the most ironic aspect[…..]

The whispers too, they intimate

As a part of our ongoing partnership with Art Practical, today we bring you a profile from writer Matthew Harrison Tedford on Claudia Joskowicz, a recent visiting artist at the San Francisco Art Institute. Claudia Joskowicz, who is an artist based in New York and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, creates videos that reawaken violent events and their residue from Bolivian history. Often filmed in very slow motion,[…..]

The Good, The Bad, and The Temporary


“The temporary” might seem like a neutral concept, but in reality it is ideologically loaded. Depending on the context (and on the social class of the speaker), temporary work and temporary dwelling might mean either insecurity and precarity–or flexibility and dynamism. How are some of San Francisco’s city officials planning to lure young innovators and entrepreneurs, for instance? By allowing developers to build 220-square foot[…..]

Disponible at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The idea is of an artist being a/n (insert nationality here) artist is becoming a thing of the past. This isn’t politically correct posturing, it’s reality now that the smartest artists today work locally and show globally. Conceptually it’s not a viable option to sit still in one environment understanding only what you consider native, and economically it’s not possible for a single city to[…..]

The Softer Side: An interview with Ben Venom

Rise of Rebellion: DailyServing’s latest week-long series I recently worked on a photo shoot with arguably America’s most prominent metal band. During the fourteen hour work day, I had the privilege of witnessing these icons in action amidst thousands of objects, instruments, images and banners that celebrate the band’s nearly three decades of prominence. As the day progressed, I watched as a band member lovingly[…..]

On Kawara: Pure Consciousness at 19 Kindergartens

Today’s article is from our dear friends at Art Practical, where Jessica Brier discusses the new work by On Kawara at the San Francisco Art Institute’s Walter and McBean Galleries. It’s pretty safe to say that Conceptual Art’s moment has come and gone. Now that we are living in a period in which virtually all art is expected to be “conceptual” in some way or[…..]

Adam Friedman

Opening tonight in San Francisco is an exhibition of new works by artist Adam Friedman entitled With a Generous Allowance of Time. The exhibition, which is on view at Eleanor Hardwood Gallery, features several collage works on panel that explore both time and the geological physicality of the world around us. The artist quoted John McPhee from his 1981 book Basin and Range to state[…..]