Adam Friedman

Opening tonight in San Francisco is an exhibition of new works by artist Adam Friedman entitled With a Generous Allowance of Time. The exhibition, which is on view at Eleanor Hardwood Gallery, features several collage works on panel that explore both time and the geological physicality of the world around us. The artist quoted John McPhee from his 1981 book Basin and Range to state “If you free yourself from the conventional reaction to a quantity like a million years, you free yourself a bit from the boundaries of human time.” By understanding the world around us as an epic and ongoing force for which we have the opportunity to experience for a limited time, vain concepts such as our ability to destroy the planet through an apocalypse or doomsday fades, and our understanding of the world broadens. Friedman’s landscapes depict a planet where the environmental damage that humans have caused over the past few millennia has long been healed simply through, as the title suggests, a generous allowance of time.

Friedman is a recent MFA graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. He is currently a resident artist in the studio program at Root Division in San Francisco, where we will also have work in a group show titled Compelled which opens tomorrow evening.