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Pay Attention: Claudia Joskowicz at LMAKprojects

Intersections, Claudia Joskowicz’s two-channel video installation and accompanying photographic series at LMAKprojects, is a straightforward display of her newest video piece, Every Building on Avenida Alfonso Ugarte – After Ruscha. The insular gallery space of LMAKprojects has been transformed into a kind of dark pathway. The spectator enters and is sandwiched between two opposing, life-size projections of two sides of the same street: Avenida Alfonso[…..]

The whispers too, they intimate

As a part of our ongoing partnership with Art Practical, today we bring you a profile from writer Matthew Harrison Tedford on Claudia Joskowicz, a recent visiting artist at the San Francisco Art Institute. Claudia Joskowicz, who is an artist based in New York and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, creates videos that reawaken violent events and their residue from Bolivian history. Often filmed in very slow motion,[…..]