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Feodor Voronov at Mark Moore Gallery

I walked into Culver City’s Mark Moore Gallery last Saturday a little road weary, which is quite standard here in L.A. I deliberately marched past the front desk and into the spacious main gallery to investigate a giant double canvas that was prominently featured.  What I saw was a candy-colored jungle of organized visual chaos: crisp geometric shapes that seem to be made of pulled[…..]

Stephanie Washburn’s “Twice Told”

Stephanie Featured

What makes a tale “twice told”? For Nathaniel Hawthorne, who published a collection called Twice Told Tales, these were stories that had already lived one life by having been previously printed.  And for William Shakespeare, who coined the phrase, a “twice-told tale” was the most tedious tale of the lot, borrowed and uninspired. Shakespeare, however, had not met Stephanie Washburn. In the case of Washburn’s[…..]

Interview with Feodor Voronov


In grad school, my studio was kiddie-corner from Feodor (or Theo) Voronov’s. I was always there and he was there more often than I was. I respect smart people who do the work, or people who are smart because they do the work, and seeing them get better and better and get recognized for it is sort of a thrill — it means the world[…..]

Mark Moore Gallery Wraps up Josh Azzarella: Works 2004-2011

Mark Moore Gallery will wrap up their current exhibition Josh Azzarella: Works 2004-2011 next week on May 14. The show, as the title implies, presents a comprehensive “career-to-date” survey of both Josh Azzarella’s photographic and video works. This approach seems like a particularly apt curatorial strategy on the part of Mark More Gallery, as Azzarella’s underlying conceptual framework spans both media and unites the works[…..]

It’s Easy to Find the Pockets

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley On January 5th, 2nd Cannons Publications, artist Brian Kennon’s publishing venture, sent out a press release. It announced “the last exhibition in our Chinatown project space/vitrine,” a small closet-sized enclave at 510 Bernard St. with a glass sliding door. 2nd Cannons has been hosting miniature shows there for the past 3 years.[…..]

Tim Bavington: Decade

Mark Moore Gallery‘s current exhibition, Decade, signifies Tim Bavington‘s tenth year of representation by the gallery, as well as the fifth solo presentation of his work at the gallery.  Bavington synthesizes aural and visual stimuli, organizing chromatic variations of both worlds onto the picture plane.  The artist pays homage to his favorite musicians, often by selecting one of their songs to interpret. In the work,[…..]