Tim Bavington: Decade

Long May You Run, 2010 synthetic polymer on canvas 64 x 64 inches

Mark Moore Gallery‘s current exhibition, Decade, signifies Tim Bavington‘s tenth year of representation by the gallery, as well as the fifth solo presentation of his work at the gallery.  Bavington synthesizes aural and visual stimuli, organizing chromatic variations of both worlds onto the picture plane.  The artist pays homage to his favorite musicians, often by selecting one of their songs to interpret. In the work, Long May You Run, two rows of vertical stripes represent separate elements of Neil Young’s musical composition. The lower half of the painting denotes the bass line while the upper portion shows the guitar solo.  Another way the artist references music is by choosing album covers and mirroring their compositions.  Paintings like Blue Monday and Give ‘Em Enough Rope are Bavington’s interpretations of New Order and Clash album covers, respectively.  In addition, Bavington includes art historical references by emulating Kenneth Noland and Mark Rothko, tying the concentric circles of Noland to the New Order cover and Rothko-like horizons to the Clash album.

Bold As Love, 2010 synthetic polymer on canvas 72 x 72 inches

When discussing his conceptual process, Bavington stated “I generally read sheet music and start with that as a sketch.  Then, I go from there.  The color palette is pretty subjective, it’s not scientific or mathematical. You can’t imagine what sounds will come out when you look at a score.  Basically I do the same thing as a musician (when reading music), except I interpret the score with color instead of sound.  I’m not trying to capture sound– the nature of sound waves and light waves are completely different.”

Installation View

Bavington received his M.F.A. from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 1999.  His work is represented in prominent collections such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and the Portland Art MuseumDecade will be on view through May 29th, 2010.