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Fan Mail: Matt Lee

Matt Lee. Untitled, from Presence of Absence, 2011; archival inkjet print, 14.2 x 21.3 cm. Courtesy of the Artist.

There is a certain playful unknowability to Matt Lee’s work. As preoccupied with structure as its inverse, Lee’s pieces suggest an interaction with the intangible that is at once wholly serious and strangely lighthearted. Confronted by subjects like death, absence, and emptiness, a viewer might expect an oeuvre weighted down by existential dread, but in Lee’s work, these subjects become lively participants in conversation with[…..]

Rinko Kawauchi at Aperture Gallery

In Japanese, the word ametsuchi contains two characters, side by side. Together, they mean heaven and earth and make up the title of the oldest pangram in Japanese—a bare-bones chant that contains only six lines but, somehow, also includes every character in the Japanese syllabary. Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi borrows the title and theme of this ancient poem in her latest body of work, currently[…..]

Return to the Sea: An interview with Motoi Yamamoto


Despite our best efforts, memories eventually fade away. For centuries, people have created memorials sites, and used objects and images to honor and preserve the remembrance of those that have passed. These sites are often designed to document existence, while inevitably underscoring absence. For over a decade now, Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto has been engaging with his memories through the physical act of creation. Building[…..]

Rachel Owens

The work of artist Rachel Owens acts as a metaphor to examine contemporary societal and governmental issues within the United States and its activities abroad. Last year, for an exhibition with ZieherSmith in New York City, the artist recreated a mythical fox-hunt in sculpture, complete with dogs, a rider, trophy heads and drawings made directly on The New York Times‘ articles. The fox-hunt is a[…..]

Dannielle Tegeder

Currently on view at Tony Wight/Body Builder & Sportsman in Chicago are new works by New York-based artist Dannielle Tegeder. “The Chicago Index of the Invisible: Incidents and Interconnections” is a project that investigates unexplained disappearances within the greater Chicago area. The artist has constructed a space in the gallery for projections of actual and fictional sites of the disappearances and murders. In addition, the[…..]

Melanie Pullen

Los Angeles-based photographer Melanie Pullen has created a series of more than 100 photographs that describe crime scenes prior to the mid-1950s. Pullen is a self-taught artist who has come from a family of photojournalists, publishers and artists. She began the series after viewing Luc Sante’s 1992 book “Evidence” (1914-1919), which depicts crime-scene photos from the NYPD. From that point, Pullen began extensive research in[…..]

Adam Helms

Sister Gallery in Los Angeles opened a new exhibition this week by New York-based artist Adam Helms. Titled “Rising Down,” this exhibition is a continuation of the artist’s interest in photojournalism, conflict, political propaganda and extremist ideology. Helms will present two arrangements of hoods rendered in ink on mylar in a grid format, along with two large assemblages of source material that features war-related images.[…..]