Melanie Pullen


Los Angeles-based photographer Melanie Pullen has created a series of more than 100 photographs that describe crime scenes prior to the mid-1950s. Pullen is a self-taught artist who has come from a family of photojournalists, publishers and artists. She began the series after viewing Luc Sante’s 1992 book “Evidence” (1914-1919), which depicts crime-scene photos from the NYPD. From that point, Pullen began extensive research in the LAPD crime-scene archives and was able to secure a wealth of photos and information about real crimes. The artist has infused the photos with high-fashion to distract the viewer from the gruesome scenes, while also commenting on the glamorization of violence and crime. Her sets often employ up to 60 individuals, and the cloths in many of her photographs come from prominent fashion houses. Melanie Pullen is currently represented by Ace Gallery in Los Angeles and has been featured in many prominent magazines, including Flaunt, Vogue and ArtWeek.