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Best of 2011 – #Hashtags: We Are the 99%


Happy birthday, Daily Serving! As part of our tenth-year celebrations, we’re looking back at important moments in our history. Today’s selection comes from editor Vanessa Kauffman Zimmerly, who says, “‘We are the workers of the 99% because we are scattered, divided by the competitive nature of capitalism—a system we did not consent to.’ Half a decade since the initial groundswell of the Occupy movement, and on the[…..]

Best of 2011
World of Glass: A Conversation with Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg

Today we say hello to a new year, and conclude our selections for the Best of 2011, organized by DailyServing’s team of 30 international contributors. “This year, we have been able to produce an amazing array of original articles, interviews, reviews and essays, however I don’t think any piece excited me more than World of Glass, an interview between Nathalie Djurberg, Hans Berg and our[…..]

Best of 2011
Things with Birds in Them

Every Friday morning, I wake up and go straight to Daily Serving on my phone from the comfort of my bed. Yes, this is a little sad, I know, but even as the managing editor, Fridays are exciting. I never know what sort of associations Catherine Wagley will come up with. Through her weekly column, L.A. Expanded, Catherine seemlessly intertwines events in her life with[…..]

Best of 2011
A California State of Mind, Circa 1970

Sometimes, we have to look at something a second, or third, or fourth time to understand it. This is one of the reasons that makes Danielle Sommer’s article on Pacific Standard Time so intriguing. Chosen for our Best of 2011 by Los Angeles based contributor, Catlin Moore, Danielle breaks through the steep history of 70s California art, giving us all a reason to take another[…..]

Best of 2011
Bring on the Dwarves: Social Practice and Protest in Poland

Today we bring you another great article from Poland. For Best of 2011, Ruth Hodgins selected Bean Gilsdorf‘s article, Bring on the Dwarves. One of my favorite articles was bring on the dwarves, it was new for me to learn about social art practice in Poland, and and was an interesting account of the changes that have happened in Poland since 10980’s. I also like[…..]

Best of 2011
An Interview with Folkert de Jong

As the Best of 2011 continues, our Singapore-based editor, Marilyn Goh, chose Michael Tomeo‘s Interview with Folkert de Jong. “I’ve chosen Michael’s An Interview with Folkert de Jong because I’m intrigued by the stylistic strains of the old Dutch Masters that run through the artist’s work – it was also great to read about de Jong’s creative processes.” The figures in Dutch artist Folkert de[…..]

Best of 2011
History in Art at MOCAK

Picked by Allie Haeusslein for our Best of 2011 is History in Art at MOCAK, at Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow written by Bean Gilsdorf. “I have recently come to terms with the fact that I will not, at least in the near future, be the world traveler I would so like to be. Until that day comes, I will gladly live vicariously though[…..]