Tenth Anniversary

Best of 2011 – #Hashtags: We Are the 99%

Happy birthday, Daily Serving! As part of our tenth-year celebrations, we’re looking back at important moments in our history. Today’s selection comes from editor Vanessa Kauffman Zimmerly, who says, “‘We are the workers of the 99% because we are scattered, divided by the competitive nature of capitalism—a system we did not consent to.’ Half a decade since the initial groundswell of the Occupy movement, and on the eve of a new federal administration, our consent—as artists, laborers, civilians, humans—has perhaps never been more overlooked; the Artist Bloc No. 1 zine remains a helpful primer on how artists might best organize and resist.” This article was originally published on December 14, 2011.page-one

For the last few months, #Hashtags has had one thing on its mind: #Occupy.  We, too, are part of the 99%. Today, we’re happy to feature Artist Bloc No. 1, a zine devoted to discussing the role of art workers and the Occupy movement.  Organized by a group of Bay Area artists, scholars and writers, including Christian L. Frock, Julia Bryan Wilson, and Adrienne Skye Roberts, Artist Bloc No. 1 asks, “What are the stakes [of artists and art workers] in the discourse around economics, labor, and access to cultural resources?”  We’ve got the first ten pages posted, download the rest at occupationzine, or at Visible Alternative.com.