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Theaster Gates: Freedom of Assembly at White Cube Gallery

Ground Rules (Scrimmage), 2015; wood flooring; 100 3/16 x 147 2/16 in. Courtesy of White Cube. Photo: Ben Westoby.

Freedom of Assembly is Theaster Gates’ second solo exhibition with London’s White Cube Gallery. Having won the Artes Mundi prize in January, Gates is currently receiving praise for his installation at this year’s Venice Biennale. Freedom of Assembly comes at a high point in the artist’s career, showing a new tendency to reflect and reconfigure, though by way of a comparatively conventional sculpture and painting show[…..]

Elad Lassry: Stop Staring At Me

Moving through decadence, desire and its eventual dissolution, the rigorous visual rhetoric of Israeli-born American artist Elad Lassry has infiltrated the White Cube. Known for his distinctive and unapologetic style, Lassry’s particular brand of kitsch, using a strict 11.5 x 14.5 inch photographic format complete with coordinated frame, could easily be brushed aside as a hybrid Californian pop-minimalism. But if you allow subject to give[…..]

Jake or Dinos Chapman? Jake & Dinos Chapman

Jake and Dinos Chapman are one of those duos whose artistic identity seems to be forever fused together – much like the disfigured, conjoined zygotic children they famously produced in the 1990s. So what happens when that artistic relationship in severed? As their current exhibition in London shows – really, not that much. Spread across both of the White Cube spaces in London, Jake &[…..]

The Most Beautiful World in the World

Imagine what it would be like to step into someone else’s mind – to find yourself submerged within the physical manifestations of their memories, truths and dreams? It is this exact feeling that is elicited when stepping across the threshold of the sterile gallery space into the curious world that is Friedrich Kunath’s exhibition at the White Cube in London. Scent is the first unexpected[…..]