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Ill Form and Void Full: New Work by Laura Letinsky at MCA Chicago


Laura Letinsky is a master at having it both ways. She photographs messes that are exquisitely tidy. She uses white like a color. She presents endings in a moment when they are still new, still vibrating with just spent energy. She captures objects as images and images as objects. She makes decay look gorgeous. Letinsky is known for her artfully arranged still life photographs of[…..]

Happy Labor Day from DailyServing!!

As we embark on a short trip up the California coast with family and friends this weekend, we want to wish you a happy and fun filled Labor Day! To celebrate, we bring you an image of Short Cut, an installation by German-based art duo Elmgreen and Dragset. This piece, created in 2003, was placed at the entrance of Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Have[…..]

Production Site: The Artist’s Studio Inside-Out

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago‘s current exhibition, Production Site: The Artist’s studio Inside-Out takes a look at the studio not only as a location for production but also as a place where experimentation, performance, failure, and meditation can occur. Organized by Domonic Molon, this exhibition is in connection with the yearlong city wide Studio Chicago project which brings forth the studio as a site[…..]