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Miami Art Fairs 2011

The December art fairs in Miami are always a blurred craze of viewing art and people, fascinating and often horrifying. This year, as in years past, DailyServing sent a few writers to Miami to look for the most interesting projects among the fairs, local galleries, and outdoor exhibitions and events. We came back with a mix of work that includes the recent wave of mirror[…..]

Scott Treleaven at Silverman Gallery

In the 1990s, Scott Treleaven was best known as a film and zine-maker. Toronto-bred and living in Paris, Treleaven had made a name for himself through his zine, Salivation Army, which he filled with collage, drawings, 35mm photographs and sprawling notes. It was a meeting place of Queer, occult, and punk interests, if you can imagine such a wild thing. Treleaven’s new show at Silverman[…..]

Tammy Rae Carland at Silverman Gallery

Encapsulating topics as grand as performativity and vulnerability in visual art often leaves the viewer unsatisfied. So often, concepts such as these are over-thought and over-articulated, but in Tammy Rae Carland‘s Funny Face, I Love You, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In her latest exhibition at Silverman Gallery in San Francisco, Carland takes on the role of the comedian, one could argue the[…..]