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Tracey Emin at Lehmann Maupin: The Carry

Tracey Emin’s work presents an unfiltered and often embarrassingly personal view of emotional pain. It reflects the kind of desperate or careless narcissism that is the territory of the depressed. Emin is concerned with the primacy of her own experience—and the narrative of her own sadness is the unabashed subject of her work. Emin’s oeuvre has always felt most valuable to me in terms of[…..]

Anthony Goicolea

Photographer, sculptor and video artist Anthony Goicolea acts as the main character in the fictitious settings of his work. In his early “Fairy Tales” series, the artist posed as 26 different characters each from a different fable. The artist states “I investigate social constructions of age and gender and I allude to taboos of gender role play, adult and childhood fantasies and conventional ideas of[…..]