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We Operate in the Vacuum, and Other Tales

Once upon a time there was a very high hill. Then, an apartment building appeared on the hilltop, with a giant swimming pool pointing towards the Guanabara Bay. From the apartments’ windows, all of Rio de Janeiro can be seen, including the Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, the bridge to Niterói and beyond. The capital of the country had yet not been transferred from Rio to a[…..]

Interview with Amilcar Packer

It’s a sunny day in Rio de Janeiro’s neighborhood of Lapa, a linked chain of button up shirts and people weave through the city streets. They enter into a mechanics garage and circle through the space, the mechanics continue their work; the unfolding of everyday life continues. The performative art action and the work of the mechanics rub up against each other, influencing each other[…..]

Geometria Impura

Like most countries, much of Brazilian art seems to be located in and produced by artists living in the largest urban centers, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Geometria Impura, a traveling show from Belo Horizonte aims to shorten the distance from satellites to center. Centro de Arte Hélio Oiticica in Rio de Janeiro is the latest exhibition stop, which was inaugurated in Belo Horizonte[…..]

Rodrigo Matheus

The calling card of artist Rodrigo Matheus is double-sided: a enchantment of the everyday on one side, the reverse, a wry disillusionment. My first encounter with the work of Matheus was not his own artwork, but a curatorial project for the gallery Mendes-Wood in São Paulo. He brought together pieces that engaged perception and representation; there were works that played with optics and material, works[…..]