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Best of 2012 – The Big Picture: An Interview with Edward Burtynsky

SOCAR Oil Fields #6 Baku, Azerbaijan, 2006 / Courtesy of the Artist

As part of our ten-year anniversary celebrations, we’re considering the best of a decade of arts writing. Today’s selection comes from editor Deanna Lee, who notes, “Although Burtynsky’s consistently stunning photographs of industrial landscapes can wordlessly convey with awesome grandeur the eroding environmental conditions worldwide, this interview complements and broadens the impact of the work with a discussion of the artist’s deep exploration of a[…..]

The Big Picture: An interview with Edward Burtynsky


It’s often impossible to fully understand the big picture of industrialized development from the limited perspective of the consumer. Each day most of us in the western world go about our business, driving to and from work, using plastics made from petroleum, enjoying foods shipped in from thousands of miles away, without a thought of the very resource that makes this all possible — oil. The impact of[…..]