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Summer Session – Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene

Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene by Renny Pritkin.

For this month’s Summer Session we’re thinking about going Back to School, and whether that means formal training, self-directed learning, or something in between, author and curator Renny Pritikin’s “Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene” asserts that various kinds of education are necessary for a robust and thriving arts community. His list reminds us that teaching and learning are types of engagement that, rather than codifying knowledge, encourage[…..]

Report from Philadelphia

Cindy Stockton Moore. Installation view, Other Absences, 2014;
Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

The third-most-popular visitor destination in Philadelphia is a ruined prison: the Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP). Based on the concept of the Panopticon, in which all inmates are housed in a circular building and under the surveillance of guards in a central tower, ESP opened in 1829 and closed in 1971. At the time of its completion, the fourteen-acre complex was the largest construction in the[…..]

External Combustion

Julia Couzens. Heavy sacrifice, 2011; Insy-outsy, 2013; Weakest link, 2013; Sweet, 2011; all works, mixed threads, wire, rope, yarn, and found textiles. Courtesy of the di Rosa Art Foundation.

This Friday we bring you an article from our partner site Art Practical. Written by A. Will Brown—yes, the very same writer who brings you Daily Serving’s Fan Mail twice a month—this article is the first in Brown’s new series An Exhibition, Postpartum, which investigates, “the components of making contemporary art exhibitions in order to encourage readers and art practitioners to evaluate an exhibition as a process[…..]