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Protect Me From What You Want

Logo of the sports drink "Brawndo," from the 2006 movie "Idiocracy," directed by Mike Judge.

Today from our friends at Glasstire, we bring you Christina Rees’ essay on the “making [of] museums into happy-clappy community centers,” written in response to the controversial article “Everybody’s an Art Curator” in the Wall Street Journal. As Rees points out: “No other serious profession seems to open itself up to this ‘the public knows best’ mentality as much as that of art. I cannot imagine[…..]

#Hashtags: Touching in Fleeting Contact

Jennifer Allen discusses the role that pilgrimage and cult value play in public art.

#JenniferAllen #SommerakademieSalzburg #cities #public #private #surveillance #circulation #socialmedia Sommerakademie Salzburg, also historically known as the “school of vision,” opened its doors in 1953 to anyone interested in studying art. Now entering its 61st year, the academy attracts a broad range of practitioners to participate in courses taught by artists and cultural theorists. This year’s public program was entitled Cities—Spaces for Art, Politics, Living…, and I was[…..]

Zhu Ming

Zhu Ming is a performance and conceptual artist whose work is time based and usually involves physical extremities. Often performing inside of a custom made balloon, the artist will undergo certain actions that reference both his Chinese heritage and the futility of communication. In the 1990s Ming joined other artists to form Beijing East Village; this area was often considered the most experimental of the[…..]