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Jim Gaylord

The paintings of artist Jim Gaylord push the boundaries of identified space and the ambiguity of object relation. Referencing elements of traditional surrealism, Gaylord updates his method of creation by distilling information from film stills. Using several layers of transparent film, the artist is able to render specific elements in the found image that reduces the still down to spatial planes, shadows and general landscape[…..]

Maggie Cardelus

Using an ornamental language, artist Maggie Cardelus strives to engage her viewer in a hospitable world of pleasure, illusion, and distraction. The source of these works are often family snapshots which are transformed into sculptural installations.By using photos the artist underscores time, memory and privacy, while the fragility of the work references the temporal qualities of her subjects. Cardelus is a Spanish-American who graduated from[…..]