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In the Shadow of Things: Leonie Hampton at Forma

Vernacular photography tells us our story. It shows us who we are and who we want to be. Open any photo album, and you’re confronted with cultural clichés played out to illustrate an ideal of family, success, happiness. No surprise these are the moments we choose to memorialize. These amateur-ish snapshots create an archive of moments of imagined joy; they stop time at the instances[…..]

Can’t Stop: Happy Tech at Triennale Bovisa, Milan

Though the fields obviously aren’t mutually exclusive, technology and art have shared a love-hate relationship through the ages. At moments adversarial, art puritans fear drastic change in the application of new technologies to art disciplines, and staunch technologists fear a contamination of science by ‘softer’ art practices. However, at their most collegiate, art benefits from the potential of new technologies to both alter people’s perceptive[…..]

The Rape of the Sabine Women: Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation at Impronte Art

The abridged version of the story goes something like this: Shortly after the founding of Rome, the local men noticed a decided lack of ladies with which to start families. They attempted to negotiate a deal for some of the women of neighboring tribes, known as Sabine; however, the patriarchs of those tribes refused. Plan B was to arrange a great feast, invite all the[…..]

Testimony of Simplicity: Jason Kalogiros at UnoSolo

In the Same Place no.7 (Bernal Hill), 4 x 5 inches, analog c-print. 2010. Courtesy of UnoSolo.

A pinhole camera is a primitive, often homemade photographic apparatus composed of a darkened chamber, in which light sensitive film or photographic paper is inserted and then exposed via a tiny “pinhole” puncture in the wall of the compartment. It is “Photography 101″ at its most basic. San Francisco based artist, Jason Kalogiros constructed his from an Old Fashioned Quaker Oats container, featuring the familiar face[…..]

Lorretta Lux: Photographs in Milan

On view through this week at Galleria Carla Sozzani in Milan is the solo exhibition Photographs, featuring new works by German artist Loretta Lux. The artist’s portraits of young children highlight the attention to detail, composition and color that characterize much of classical painting. In fact, she is a painter by training -influenced by Old Masters such as Diego Velázquez, Agnolo Bronzino, Philipp Otto Runge,[…..]

Javier Vallhonrat

Acaso features a series of photographs which are the result of a four-year project by fashion photographer Javier Vallhonrat. The images largely differ from the hip and glossy fashion-related work he often realized for publications such as Vogue and the New York Times. The works exhibited at the Galleria Carla Sozzani -located at 10 Corso Como in Milan- explore the ways in which we tend[…..]