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Summer Session – My Grandfather Met Liberace and I’ve Never Been to Burning Man

For this month’s Summer Session we’re thinking about celebrity, and today from our sister publication Art Practical we bring you Sean Uyehara’s exploration of celebrity’s affective underpinnings. Uyehara locates the tension between earnestness and irony as perhaps the core dynamic of celebrity experience, with the audience constantly vacillating between these two poles as they consider stories and lives outside of their own. This article was originally published July[…..]

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In his 2011 video, “Liberaceón,” Chris E. Vargas inserts radical, queer rhetoric into the arguably apolitical, high zest that was Wladziu Valentino Liberace’s life. HBO’s biopic about Liberace is headed to Cannes this month. Jacqueline Clay’s article was originally published September 5, 2011. History, like most things, is subjective. What is culled from individual accounts is accepted as fact and eventually translates into some kind[…..]