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Spotlight: Momus

Jill Magid.
The Proposal (detail), 2016; Uncut, 2.02 carat, blue diamond with micro-laser inscription “I am wholeheartedly yours,” silver ring, ring box, documents. Setting design: Anndra Neen. Courtesy of the artist; LABOR, Mexico City; RaebervonStenglin, Zurich and Galerie Untilthen, Paris.

This summer, Daily Serving is shining a light on some arts publications that we admire, and this week we’re reading Momus. “Kimberlee Cordova, a Momus contributing editor from Mexico City, continues her penchant for bold and brave art criticism with this assessment of the role that exaggeration and ‘alternative fact’ played in Jill Magid’s much-publicized performance piece, The Proposal. Kimberlee suggests that the easy narratives that emerge, though convenient for Magid’s[…..]