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Made in Taiwan: A Retrospective of Yang Mao-Lin at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Yang Mao-lin. Zealandia Memorandum L9301 (1993); oil, acrylic on canvas; 112 x 194 cm. Courtesy of Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

A robust Asian democracy, Taiwan elected its first female president earlier this year. Yet thirty years ago, when the island was tentatively emerging from four decades of military rule, this future was far from certain. Made in Taiwan: A Retrospective of Yang Mao-Lin, now on view at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, spans three decades of the artist’s work. His vivid early paintings captured the growing[…..]

Shi Xinning

Chinese-artist Shi Xinning creates paintings that reference social realism through iconic figures from history. The artist renders the images as they are found in their original format, in sepia tone or from newspapers in black and white. Shi then alters the paintings by falsely inserting prominent Chinese cultural figures such as Mao Zedong at the table of pivotal Western leaders. This placement allows the artist[…..]