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Summer Session – How to Prep for Grad School If You’re Poor

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Our August Summer Session is all about different forms of education, pedagogy, and the nexus of art and school. Today we direct our readers to a crowdsourced how-to guide on preparing for grad school while poor. Originally started as a public Google Doc by Karra Shimabukuro, PhD, based on her own experiences, the guide became so popular and gained so many contributors that she eventually moved the document to its own[…..]

Help Desk: On the Web and In Your Head


Help Desk is an arts-advice column that demystifies practices for artists, writers, curators, collectors, patrons, and the general public. Submit your questions anonymously here. All submissions become the property of Daily Serving. My question centers around income: does an artist truly need their own website to be successful? Do prospective buyers really look up your name and view your work? I’m a financially struggling student–I do[…..]