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Spotlight: Contemptorary

Still from Ana Mendieta's Volcán, 1979. From Bhanu Kapil's blog post on Sep 20, 2016 with caption: "This image comes closest to what I could not speak in Ban."

This summer, Daily Serving is shining a light on the work of some arts publications that we respect, and this week we’re looking at contemptorary. Today’s spotlight excerpts an examination of racial politics and “arts freedom” in an interview with poet and performance artist Bhanu Kapil. Co-founders Eunsong Kim and Gelare Khoshgozaran write, “In ‘Title TBD (Part 1)’ Kapil narrates the politics of her embodiment, the difficulty of an[…..]

Spotlight: Contemptorary

Codex, 2017. courtesy of Mari Matsuda. Photo: Reese Kato.

This summer, Daily Serving is highlighting some publications that contribute to the global arts conversation. Today from contemptorary, co-founders Eunsong Kim and Gelare Khoshgozaran write, “Legal scholar and artist Mari Matsuda’s interview further extrapolates the power dynamics found in freedom and the arts. In ‘Mari Matsuda: Founding Critical Race Theorist, Activist and Artist,’ we discuss with Matsuda her thoughts on the intersections between law and expression, and the[…..]

Spotlight: Contemptorary

FEMelanin, Performance Stills from Bedtime Stories of White Supremacy, November 15, 2015 at Mana Contemporary, Chicago.

This summer, Daily Serving is shining a light on some arts publications that we admire, and this week we’re focusing our attention on contemptorary, a publication that has been running “on the desire to catapult and transform art conversations about power.” Co-founder Gelare Khoshgozaran writes, “With the ongoing debates surrounding the foundations and violences of ‘Freedom of Speech,’ we hope you read ‘The Freedom to Oppress’ by Eunsong[…..]