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Cool and Collected: Summer at Kavi Gupta

Outmoded by street festivals, public music events, movies in the parks, and trips to the beach, Chicago’s summertime visual art scene is a desert of options. Dominated by loosely-themed group shows and limited gallery hours, art spaces choose to focus on scheduling studio visits and re-strategizing programming, all but closing their doors to the public. Kavi Gupta is arguably no exception, but the lure of[…..]

Curtis Mann

On view now at Kavi Gupta in Chicago is everything after, Curtis Mann’s first U.S. exhibition since his inclusion in the 2010 Whitney Biennial.  For this exhibition, Mann presents a selection of new works, including large chemically altered mural grids, panoramic landscapes and haunting distorted figures. In Mann’s most recent works, found photographs of conflicted and historically complex places throughout the Middle East are subjected[…..]