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Usually the word ‘debt’ raises fear in the hearts of people everywhere. It is often associated with maxed out credit cards and other financial woes. Sometimes it is associated with those freakishly kind people who, for one reason or another, we constantly feel indebted. However, there can be positive connotations to this four letter word. Debt is the title of an exhibition that features two[…..]

Eric Hibit’s Picture Cohesion

What do Tide detergent boxes, Ronald McDonald, cute pictures of kittens and the marginally dressed little girl from old sunscreen commercials have in common? They are all part of contemporary culture and made a sparkling appearance in Eric Hibit‘s Picture Cohesion. Doug McClemont of Daily Magazine once wrote Hibit is “one to watch”. And, Hibit’s return to the city of his undergraduate alma mater, Corcoran[…..]