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Athanasios Argianas: The Length Of A Strand Of Your Hair, Of The Width Of Your Arms, Unfolded

Having just returned from a whirlwind two-week trip in which I covered seven cities within six countries within two continents and two time zones, I am the last person you want to ask what time it is. Or even what day. What’s so exciting about these sort of adventures is precisely that lack of attention to time—save for making sure to catch a train or[…..]

Free Press in Free Fall

The Athens (GA) Institute of Contemporary Art is currently presenting the exhibition Free Press in Free Fall. Curated by Allie Goolrick, a graduate student in the University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism, the exhibition aims to address the current state of the media in the United States. It features a number of US-based artists including, Kathryn Refi, Wayne Bellamy, Gary Duehr, Melinda Eckley, John English, M. Ho,[…..]