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Summer Session – Mike Kelley: “Day Is Done”

This Summer Session’s topic is Back to School, and we’re thinking about pedagogy, learning, and education in the art world. Today from Art 21 we bring you a short video about Mike Kelley’s 2005 project Day Is Done. The work is based around Kelley’s concept of Educational Complex, or the invisible construction of cultural mythos through social institutions like school and domestic life. Here Kelley attempts to reveal the workings of Educational[…..]

Summer Session – When Rock Star Fantasies Go Too Far

For this Summer Session’s topic of celebrity, we bring you an article by former Daily Serving columnist Catherine Wagley, who explores artistic practices that take specific personages, both real and imagined, as their subject matter. Wagley’s piece begins the complex work of mapping out the intersections of fantasy and reality in the face of celebrity, and what’s at stake when they overlap. This article was originally[…..]

#Hashtags: Black Futurism: The Creative Destruction and Reconstruction of Race in Contemporary Art

nuri Kahiu. Pumzi, film still, 2009. Courtesy Focus Features Africa First Short Film Program.

#blackness #afrofuturism #identity #agency #mobility Today we’re partnering with our friends at ART21 Magazine to bring you Nettrice Gaskins‘ excellent consideration of “Black futurism as a form of creative expression [that] pushes against the conventional limits of black subjectivity.” This article was originally published on June 24, 2014, in the “Future” issue of ART21 Magazine. For the online research project Liquid Blackness, Alessandra Raengo reflects on[…..]