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Mark Moore Gallery Wraps up Josh Azzarella: Works 2004-2011

Mark Moore Gallery will wrap up their current exhibition Josh Azzarella: Works 2004-2011 next week on May 14. The show, as the title implies, presents a comprehensive “career-to-date” survey of both Josh Azzarella’s photographic and video works. This approach seems like a particularly apt curatorial strategy on the part of Mark More Gallery, as Azzarella’s underlying conceptual framework spans both media and unites the works[…..]

Interview with Babak Golkar

Babak Golkar is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice, at its fundamental roots, takes aim to deconstruct, recontextualize and rearrange our perceptions of the world around us. Like Zen koans, Golkar’s work seems to arrive at new understandings by setting up impossible questions. At it’s core is a spirit of unbridled philosophical investigation; one that exhibits a Duchampian twist on the visual pun mixed with a[…..]

Eric Yahnker

Eric Yahnker recently opened a solo show at Seattle’s Ambach and Rice Gallery. Though his ouevre spans a motley crew of materials and techniques, his modus operandi tends to favor elaborately laborious processes that can be best described as artistic one-liners. This surprising element of going above and beyond to create such elaborate jokes lend the works a two-sided element of both hilarity and seriousness,[…..]

Luis Gispert @ Otero Plassart

Luis Gispert recently debuted an exhibition at Otero Plassart gallery in Los Angeles. Gispert’s work is inspired by the idiosyncrasies of pop culture, urban life, cinematic technique, car culture, the uncanny and the poetics of transformation. In his latest show, Gispert explores these conceptual frameworks through the media of three large chromogenic prints and a a stunning, 26 minute short film entitled Smother. The three[…..]

RARE Gallery

RARE Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Chelsea, New York. Their aesthetic primarily encompasses artists that exude a youthful irreverence, as well as exhibit a love for unusual execution, craft, and a consideration of material and process as part and parcel of their conceptual frameworks. DailyServing’s Sasha M. Lee recently caught up with RARE Gallery founder and president Pete Surace[…..]

Bas Louter

Bas Louter recently concluded the exhibition, Dust at Kopeikin gallery in Los Angeles and is currently exhibiting Dust/Asphalt at Ambace and Rice in Seattle. A fitting title for Louter’s ethereally haunting visages–referencing perhaps the black soot of charcoal used to create his works, or the ashes and dust of human remains. Louters works uncannily examines the fleeting and transitory nature of existence, and humankind’s attempts[…..]

Wallace Berman & Richard Prince

Michael Kohn Gallery recently opened a duo-artist exhibition SHE: Images of Women by Wallace Berman & Richard Prince on January 15th. The exhibition is situated within a loose conceptual framework that foregrounds both Wallace Berman and Richard Prince‘s representations of women within their oeuvre. The exhibit was curated by critic and journalist, Kristine McKenna. McKenna seemed particularly apt to curate the show, as in 2007[…..]