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New Histories and Epic Tales:
Better a Live Ass than a Dead Lion at Eli Ridgway Gallery

Standing on a hillside gazing into the Pacific Ocean, one can’t help but to be overwhelmed by the beauty and ruggedness of the landscape. Rolling hills, steep cliffs, and thick forests bring to mind epic stories of western expansion and the conquering spirit of those who have traveled here, a spirit currently under investigation at Eli Ridgway Gallery. Better a Live Ass than a Dead[…..]

Venice Biennale: Hajnal Németh at the Hungarian Pavilion

Memory is deeply connected to the senses, far beyond the linear nature of storytelling. Words are often the farthest from the real “truth” of a scenario, leaving space for memory and imagination to take place. Sight and sound, smell and touch fill in the gaps that words cannot describe, and it is at this brink that Hajnal Németh’s installation CRASH – Passive Interview rests. Exhibited[…..]

Tammy Rae Carland at Silverman Gallery

Encapsulating topics as grand as performativity and vulnerability in visual art often leaves the viewer unsatisfied. So often, concepts such as these are over-thought and over-articulated, but in Tammy Rae Carland‘s Funny Face, I Love You, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In her latest exhibition at Silverman Gallery in San Francisco, Carland takes on the role of the comedian, one could argue the[…..]

Use and Abuse

Rise of Rebellion: DailyServing’s latest week-long series Today on DS, we look at the desire and longing for rebellion embedded in the work of Nan Goldin, Larry Clark, Dash Snow and Ryan McGinley. Check out how the acts captured in these artists’ work become an icon for a generation desperate for a more rebellious lifestyle. Thinking back to the days of being a rebellious teenager[…..]

The Political Landscape, a conversation with Andrea Bowers

There are very few artists today who willingly take a direct political position in their work. Often artists neglect how powerful artwork can be as an instigator for social and political change. In many ways art and politics, or art and activism, have gone hand in hand throughout history, helping to over come social injustice. But, just as often, artwork has acted as a tool[…..]

Summer of Utopia: Michael Rakowitz

Karen Ann Myers at Luis de Jesus

Opening tonight in Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station, Luis de Jesus Gallery is presenting new paintings by Karen Ann Myers in an exhibition titled Thinking Of You. In a series of mid-sized fleshy paintings of hyper sexualized young women, the work seamlessly combines heavy flat patterns with figuration. Patterns slide in and out of abstraction, only grounded by the figures in the image. Based in self[…..]