Spotlight Series

Spotlight: Contemptorary

This week we’re highlighting the work of our friends at contemptorary, and today Gelare Khoshgozaran’s “Dear Colleagues: Dead or Alive” takes up the arts community, drawing necessary parallels between art and political movements. How have we spoken to each other? How will we continue speaking to each other? This essay was originally published on February 28, 2017.

Image courtesy of Contemptorary.

Image courtesy of Contemptorary.


Despite my disdain for predictability and repetitiveness, I have found myself starting all correspondences with friends and loved ones with the same greeting:

I hope you are surrounded with lots of love and support amidst fascism!

Although I am aware that no amount of love or support may protect one from fascism, I find that starting in this way sets the tone for an acknowledgement of the climate where, as a friend once said, “how are you?” is no longer pertinent.

I wish you the same here as well, although I don’t believe some of you, some of us, are exempt from having contributed to the creation of either this regime or the desire for it. I have previously spent long periods of time in limbos of visa and immigration processes, waiting for decisions to be made for me. This one, though, doesn’t feel any more comfortable than the many I experienced to gain the “alien” status I was granted in this country.

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