Spotlight Series

Spotlight: Momus

This summer, Daily Serving is shining a light on some of the commendable arts publications that we regularly read, and this week we’re spending some time with Momus. Today we bring you one installment of  Andrew Berardini’s “How to” series: “His light, infectious prose mines the artworld’s white cubes, back rooms, and dark corners for intimate scenes and broader insight. He also recently started a new series titled ‘Portraits,’ the first two entries in which can be found here and here.” This article was originally published on March 23, 2016.

Bruce Davidson, "USA. New York City. 1959. Brooklyn Gang." Courtesy Magnum Photos.

Bruce Davidson. New York City, 1959. Brooklyn Gang. Courtesy: Magnum Photos.

No one likes being called an amateur, a dilettante, a dabbler.

“Unprofessional” is an easy insult.

The professional always makes the right moves, knows the right thing to say, the right name to check. Controlled and measured, the professional never fucks the wrong person or drinks too much at the party. They never weep at the opening, never lay in bed for days too depressed, sick, broken to move. They say about the professional, “so easy to work with” or “so exacting but brilliant.” The professional takes advantage from every encounter, employs every new acquaintance as a contact, always hits the deadline. When asked about their work, they know what to say, a few lines of explanation sprinkled with enough filigreed intrigue to allude to abysses of research, the mysteries of making. They answer emails in minutes. Their PowerPoints are super crisp. Look at their website, so clean, so modern, so very pro.

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