Spotlight Series

Spotlight: Art Practical

This summer, Daily Serving is shining a light on some arts publications that we regularly read and love, and this week we’re highlighting the work of our sister publication, Art Practical. Today we bring you an emotional response to the tragic Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland on December 2, 2016, “All Is Fair in Dreams” by Bay Area collaborative duo XUXA SANTAMARIA. The publication of this essay and sound file marked the four-month commemoration of the incident that left an entire region—and beyond—heartbroken. As conversations continue regarding initiatives to help protect artists in the Bay Area, this song is a tribute to the lives and practices of the artists we lost. screen-shot-2017-06-06-at-1-28-04-pm

Russell tweeted when the fire started. We were already in bed after dropping Ben off at Eli’s and deciding not to go. We went to sleep worried about Russell’s gear, never imagining what lay on the other side of morning. When we woke up we checked in; from bed I pulled up the Google doc with all those names. I called, I texted, “Are you okay?/Have you heard from so and so?” Trying so hard to tick someone as “Alive.” Brandon said Kate was with him till late. The rest of the day moved slow like goo. Waiting for news, praying to something, something I never pray to, that somehow they would all walk around the building and be fine, just fine. We’d sigh a collective sigh and then cry and then laugh an uncertain laugh. But the day dragged on and on and denied us of any of that. What the day did bring, on top of the film of horror now covering every part of life, was a broadcast barrage of misinformation, a maligning of their names, a tarnishing of their spirit and their intent and their lives. It became a gruesome duality, indescribable pain and uncertainty burning in our insides and anger and fever burning on our outsides. We barely spoke to one another. Almost too shy to take up room, to say, “Hey, I’m feeling torn up inside, like, really torn up, like I might not be okay, all of us might not be okay.”

Read more and listen to the audio here.