Summer Session

Summer Session – The Rülek Scrolls

This Summer Session we’re going Back to School, and thinking as much about learning in the arts as the codification of certain types of learning; this includes learned expectations about the proper forms of engagement with artworks. Today we bring you a piece from the collaboration between artist Sal Randolph and historian D. Graham Burnett, The Esthetical Society for Transcendental & Applied Realization (Society for Esthetic Realizers), or ESTAR(SER), a fictional historical society that frames aesthetic appreciation as a form of ritual. Below is one page of the Rülek Scrolls from ESTAR(SER)’s archives, which “outline a remarkable and exigent technique for attaining psychosomatic/metempsychotic union with a material, human-made object.”

from The Rülek Scrolls.

From the Rülek Scrolls.

Download the Rülek Scrolls here.