Interview with Tammy Mercure

Today, from our friends at Pelican Bomb, we bring you an interview with artist Tammy Mercure. In this short interview, author Taylor Murrow talks with Mercure about her pop-up shop project, where the prices reflect the local gender wage gap. In the New Orleans iteration of this project, women paid 66% of retail price, while men paid 100%. This article was originally published on November 25, 2015.


Taylor Murrow: How did this project get started? I know that Elana Schlenker, your partner in 66<100, opened a pop-up shop in Pittsburgh (76<100) with a similar message. Why did you two choose to bring this project to New Orleans?

Tammy Mercure: Elana came up with a great idea, and when she started to tell me about it, we began having good discussions right away. It was a friendly invitation to talk about experiences with money and jobs and clients—things I don’t generally discuss. It was great to have a supportive person to talk to. Right away I wanted to bring the idea to New Orleans. There are so many amazing artists and makers here. And the job market is challenging. Most of my friends and I work several part-time jobs and juggle so many things.

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