Fan Mail

Fan Mail: Michelle Blade

For this edition of Fan Mail, Michelle Blade of San Francisco, CA has been selected from our worthy reader submissions. Two artists are featured each month—the next one could be you! If you would like to be considered, please submit your website link to with ‘Fan Mail’ in the subject line.

Day 127

reaching out. responses, feel free pleasure going over, reading and playing, simple, tap subconscious thought, the Red Book. many totemic figureheads past, present and future. homage practice, natural world (stars and energies). rendered reader, psychic reader, neon palm, the moon. blindness, escape, solitude, death, abundance, or anonymity. covered, bearded or veiled, or blurred figureless. life or imagination? all signs look alike, aesthetic! millions “know” and “see” mysteries. common man not linked to “seers” world.

Day 133

Duality, sun, stars power characters. mutant greens—-undead creatures, horses and cats. meditative animals growing, signs or ushers of signs. comedic apocalypse conversation, sarcastic. bright lights arching sky, bodies and planets light. faceless drenched bleeding color—explosion time. Earth Limits Life—previous paranoia. doomsday scenarios? mass extinction? words shape human tendencies? dark nature. light and contemplative. but not defeatist. think present in waiting… Thoughts and moments project melted faces as napalm victims.

Day 50

thick black and speckled wonder? human shaped fire, stone and judaic folklore Eschatology obsessed death, life, reality, conversation! Imaginations visualize all mystery. google “when will humans die?” scan multitude of answers. confidently claim answers, collect them, anthropologist. Ouija boards, etc. prophecies persuaded look cultural shift… giant shift. shift slow and steady. December deadline. total world system economic, biological?

Day 16

optimist. good people, struggling, good work, mankind world. body, marching, rooting. Death mystery framework existence, life shape. perfect never ending obsession culture. paramount terrifying and exciting. solitude interpreting California in typography imbedded being. vision nature space Northern and Southern desert, mountains, sunsets, vistas, fog… overlap most things. expand free thoughtfulness.

Images from 366 Days (dedicated to the apocalypse–one painting for every day of 2012) at Carter & Citizen, by Michelle Blade. Text merged from e-mail dialectic.

Galleries that have exhibited Blade include: Jack Hanley, Triple Base and David Cunningham Projects, San Francisco; San Jose ICA, Roberts & Tilton and Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles; Bravin Lee, NYC; Space 1026, Philadelphia; Union Gallery, London; V1 Gallery, Copenhagen; Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stüttgart. She is the recipient of the 2007 Murphy-Cadogan Fellowship, 2X2 Pro Arts Grant, and Alternative Exposure SOEX Grant; she was an SF MOMA SECA finalist in 2011.