Build Your Own World: The 2010 01SJ Biennial

This weekend, the largest festival of art, technology and digital culture in the United States opens in San Jose, California. The 2010 01SJ Biennial, Build Your Own World, is a multi-disciplinary, multi-venue event that features dozens of projects by artists, designers, engineers, architects, marketers, corporations and citizens during a four day, city wide event. The biennial, which is open from September 16-19, includes exhibitions, performances, symposiums and artist talks all centered on the concept of rebuilding the world in which we live and the future that is upon us. 01SJ goes to lengths to consider the ways in which technology and community can come together to create real change in our lives and our future. Unlike many typical biennials, Build Your Own World has a very pragmatic agenda. This event brings together the creative community  and general public to foster new partnerships and to disseminate experimental and forward thinking concepts through artworks, performances and workshops.

Our friends at KQED arts in San Francisco visited San Jose earlier this week to speak with Steve Dietz, Artistic Director of 01SJ and to take a sneak peak at the programs in store for this weekend. Gallery Crawl captured several works in the final stages of production, such as Empire Drive-In by Brooklyn-based artists Jeff Stark and Todd Chandler and xAirport, an environmentally-based project by local artist Natalie Jeremijenko.