Mileece at the See Line Gallery

See Line Gallery‘s main showroom currently hosts Room Mobile, a display of star-themed mobiles curated by the gallery’s director, Janet Levy. In addition to the eighteen artists who created mobiles, Levy also invited Mileece, a sonic artist, to transform the gallery’s project room into Soniferous Eden.  Mileece’s installation encompasses both terrestrial and astral elements, highlighting the inherent interconnectedness using what she describes as “Aesthetic Sonification.”

Soniferous Eden invites audiences to fully employ their senses, requiring one to be attuned to the aural, the tactile and the visual. A central orb of leafy plants are encircled by a dampened soil path that is best explored with bare feet.  As the eyes become adjusted to the dim light, one can more comfortably move around and observe the plants, which are barely lit by the reflective black-light paint speckled onto the installation’s surrounding walls.  The paint flecks give the ambiance of a star-studded galaxy, referencing the celestial theme of the mobiles in the main gallery.

The sounds that land on the participants’ eardrums are a result of the artist’s engagement with the electro-magnetic emissions of plants.  Mileece has gently adhered electrodes to plant leaves in order to capture their GSR and EEG signals.  The signals are then channeled through an interactive plant software, written by Mileece with Super Collider, an audio programming language.  The software allows the plant bio-emissions to generate quirky noises, such as ethereal bells, low hums, and other harmonic synthesized sounds.  The sounds ebb and flow throughout the exhibit, indicating both plant/plant and plant/man interaction.  As the participants spend time with the plants, brushing by them and touching their leaves, more noises are generated.  The overall experience is a total immersion in the slice of Eden that Mileece has created.

Mileece is originally from England and studied Sonic Art at Middlesex University and Sound Engineering at the School of Audio Engineering in London.  Her work is on permanent display at the Centre for Innovation at the London School of Economics.  She has also exhibited at such venues as the Migros Museum in Zurich, the Hayward Gallery, the Whitechapel Gallery, and the Thames Festival in London, and the Aldeburgh Festival in Suffolk.  Soniferous Eden will be on display at See Line Gallery at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles until June 29th, 2010.