Oscar Carrasco at Luis Adelantado Valencia

As DailyServing continues to expand our network of contributing writers and partnering websites to offer more global coverage of the visual arts, we are proud to bring you the first of a series of posts from our pals DaWire, a Puerto Rico-based global online magazine. Their recent article featuring new work by Oscar Carrasco at Luis Adelantado Valencia is featured below.

In 2006 Oscar Carrasco started to explore Europe, embarking on a disturbing initiation journey through the unusual beauty of decline and abandonment. OFF Limits is the title of a new exhibition on view at Luis Adelantado Valencia that brings together a selection of his latest works which, like a testament of a forgotten and finite metropolis, explores the contemporary ruin, sublimates the strange locations of the not-city, the decomposition of the landscape, the orderly chaos from where everything originates.

A photographic show in which Carrasco grasps the Apollonian forces of architecture, pacifying it with oneiric impulse, confronting them with the forces of entropy and chaos. His gaze is dehumanizing and ethereal, revealing a vocation for the plasticity of space and a purified atmosphere, for a different point of view where the vanishing lines seems to delineate a whole untill the impossible. It’s his dialectic photography-architecture, his disturbing poetics of space.

Among other works, Hotel Kosmos and Inhóspita continues these formal lines, and attentive to the seduction which the colors, the volumes, and the symmetries exercise, we’re transferred to a frontier hotel, recently fallen into bankruptcy or an abandoned sanatorium on the outskirts of Berlin. They are like so many others, big rotten apples on the brink of prosperity and homogenization, a cry out silenced by history, a homage forgotten in the dark.

In his latest work The Last Passenger he takes us to a car cemetery, found in a secluded spot in the Ardennes. In a territory of diaspora, Carrasco seeks the inexorable triumph of a sublime green. The artist becomes the last passenger and he accommodates himself in his inhospitable interiors. He applies his deep and cyclopean gaze, sculpturizing the object which nature devours in its prodigious annihilation.

Educated in the area of digital art and audiovisual postproduction, Carrasco evolves searching new ways to show mortality, the devastating power of the urban masses, the irrevocable return of the organic against the built world. In 2009, he is awarded in the Prizes “Generation” from Caja Madrid and in the “76 Salon de Otoño” from the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptures. In 2007 he becomes part of the Luis Adelantado Gallery, and since then his work has been shown in Madrid, Shanghai, Rome, México, Puerto Rico, Bogotá, Paris and Brussels, in group shows and art fairs.