Default State Network

Currently on view at Raid Projects in Los Angeles is the group exhibition Default State Network. The exhibition is curated by artist Ryan Wallace and features works by Glen Baldridge, Alex Dodge, Chris Duncan, Elise Ferguson, Joseph Hart, Andrew Schoultz, Leslie Shows, Ryan Wallace and Will Yackulic.

As with many artist curated exhibitions, Wallace has decided to explore the interests that are inherent in his own work, such as current trends and advancements in science, technology and consciousness through the work of the group mentioned above. Borrowing its title from the network of regions in the brain that become active when “an individual is not focused on the outside world but rather in a wakeful-resting state such as daydreaming, speculating, or contemplating the past”, Default State Network playfully explores creative production through a variety of media, methods and systems. Collectively, artists exhibited offer insight into their own creative process as it derives from either premeditated thought or pure intuition that takes over during the production process. Either way it is undeniable that much of the work is built on a language that is mysterious, cryptic and visually seductive.

Default State Network will be on view at Raid Projects through February 27th. In addition, Wallace will be exhibiting new works in a solo exhibition at Morgan Lehamn Gallery in New York City which will be on view through March 20th.