From the DS Archives: Albert Oehlen

Each Sunday through 2010, we will be revisiting some of our favorite archived features from previous years. Today we have selected Albert Oehlen, a German artist featured during our second year of operation….

Albert Oehlen
Originally Published on December 24, 2007

Albert Oehlen, a German artist who currently lives and works in Bizkaia, Spain has been on the international radar for decades as a provocative painter. The artist studied with Sigmar Polke in the mid-seventies at Hochschule fur Bildende Kunst, Hamburg and emerged in the 1980’s along side artist Martin Kippenberger. Oehlen challenges painting today by rigorously investigating and referencing historical painting from many periods, simultaneously. The scope of his painting references allows the artist to point out some of art’s failures, something that Oehlen is very interested in revealing. The artist recently exhibited “Spiegelbilder” with Max Hetzler in Berlin, and “The Good Life” at the Nolan / Eckman Gallery in New York. Oehlen has appeared in countless publications, and in April of 2003 Artforum conducted an interview between Oehlen and Eric Banks.