Eric Deis


Canadian artist Eric Deis is currently exhibiting a new series of photographs titled Shadows Cast on Imagination’s Past, on view now at Elissa Cristall Gallery in Vancouver, BC. The exhibited images include scenes from Vancouver, Tokyo and Toronto. Deis’ images usually depict urban settings with striking clarity, as the artist uses a virtual view camera that features a hybrid digital-analog system which offers a gigapixel of resolution. The images embody a psychology that is introspective and isolated, even if there are other people present in the image. About the new series, the artist has stated “My photographs of landscapes and urban spaces critically examine the intertwined dynamics of nature, history, and economics. Captured in-situ, my images are not staged nor manipulated. I strive to capture the idiosyncrasies of our society through the collision of artifacts of urban living and astute visual story telling.”

Deis is a graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and received his MFA from the University of California at San Diego.