Don Pablo Pedro

don pablo pedro.jpg

English Kills Art Gallery in Brooklyn is presenting a show of Don Pablo Pedro‘s scroll paintings, powerful compositions depicting scenes of deranged sexuality, mutation, and pain. The painted muslin scrolls, with titles such as Eve Rips Her Face Off, Jesus’s Vagina and Shit, and Boy and His Heads, feature figures with anatomical abnormalities, extra orifices, and sexual oddities. These characters are situated in a blank space, alone or engaged with others in orgiastic and violent activity. With their extreme physical irregularities and bizarre behavior, these maniacal creatures agonize but entice the viewer.

In the first room of the gallery, Sarah H. Paulson and Holly Faurot are displaying video documentation of performance works from the years 2004-2009. Their collaborative pieces combine contemporary dance, conceptual art, and installation art in works that “relate to voyeurism, shifts in power-positions, and translation through different media,” as stated on their website. Paulson and Faurot performed a new piece for the opening night titled I’ll _____ You When I’m Out of Town.

The exhibition will remain at English Kills until August 23, 2009.