1000 DAYS: Michael T. Rea

All this week, DailyServing.com will feature the artists of 1000 DAYS: Selections from the DailyServing Archives, opening this Saturday May 23rd at Scion Installation Gallery in Los Angeles. 1000 DAYS marks the first curated exhibition for DailyServing, and celebrates a milestone as we quickly approach 1000 daily features. If you are in L.A this weekend, come out and celebrate with us!!

Mike Rea.jpg

Artist, Michael Rea, creates large-scale, highly imaginative, technological objects out of obsessively constructed wood. However, the very material used renders the objects useless, opening a dialogue about a world of possibilities that simply can never be. The artist often utilizes fictitious objects related to pop-culture movies and television shows, allowing the work to recreate the essence of the object while forcing its reality to remain only a dream. The large, insensible objects construct an absurd story that couldn’t exist in real life, similar to the movies from which they are sourced, offering a sense of humor and wit that allows the work to be accessible and imaginative.


Mike Rea is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He recently completed a solo exhibition at The Co-Prosperity Sphere (C-PS), an experimental cultural center in Chicago, and participated in the Wisconsin Triennial at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madison. The artist’s work was also recently acquired by the West Collection and will travel internationally though the SEI Investment firm.