Lisa Kirk


This isn’t the first time Lisa Kirk has explored capitalism’s underbelly, but now, more than ever, her audience is primed to go with her. Invisible-Exports, the Lower East Side gallery that seems to have been named with Kirk in mind, is the site of the artist’s current installation House of Cards. The gallery’s office has been turned into a “functioning” real estate sales office (salespeople included) and the main exhibition space is now home to a “shanty timeshare,” a structure built of found materials that looks like a mix between a child’s ramshackle club house and living quarters from third world slum. Anyone who buys in to Kirk’s installation (literally–the salespeople are selling shares of House of Cards) will be able to personally experience shanty living once the installation is relocated. Ultimately, the shanty will be disassembled and distributed among share holders.

An underground installation of Revolution, an upside-down fragrance lab that doubled as terrorist headquarters originally exhibited at PS1 Contemporary, will accompany House of Cards. Kirk has exhibited at Galeria Comercial, PR, MOT International, London, and Participant INC., NY, among other venues. She lives and works in New York.