Emily Huffman


Emily Huffman‘s works include paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations. Her artwork emerges as she is informed by inner and outer landscapes and relationships. The works are created to bridge spiritual and physical, inner experience and outer world.In her paintings, fluid, dynamic fields and gestures form a context for imagery. The imagery is drawn from a personal library of symbols, objects, and stories; often inspired by nature, the body and dreams. The content in her paintings does not have strict form, but has multiple allusions. A single object can be a ‘thing’ as well as a growing plant, organ, and animal. A field of marks is flowing water, empty sky, and expansive breath. This layered imagery gives a rich feeling and emotional sense to her work. The body is often an influence on her visual forms because Huffman works with the body on a daily basis as a healer.

Huffman is showing new paintings this summer at Zely & Ritz in Raleigh, NC. She received a BFA from Tulane University, and currently lives and works in Raleigh. She is a member of Bonded Llama Artist Studios, and has a private massage therapy and energy work practice. She is one of the artists involved in The Body Center, a new creative space in Raleigh that is both art gallery and sanctuary. Over the last 4 months, she has exhibited two installations at The Body Center, and is currently part of a collaborative installation opening August 1st.