Paul McCarthy


Paul McCarthy has used Belgium to stage the largest presentation of his work to date, with over lapping exhibitions, first at Middelheim Sculpture Park, in Antwerp, and now currently showing at S.M.A.K. (Stedelijk Museum Actuele Kunst) in Gent. This seminal Los Angeles artist, after having toiled away in virtual obscurity for more than 30 years, first began showing at LA’s Rosemund Felsen Gallery, then burst on the international scene in the early 90’s, when his influence on generations of artists was finally acknowledged.

In filling the museum to the brim, McCarthy utilizes practically all medias available to an artist today. Drawing, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Video, etc…. are all crammed together. He also touches on most art movements from the past 40 years, blending Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Neo Expressionism, Neo Realism, Deconstruction, Performance, and everything in between. This exhibition also reveals McCarthy’s interest in referencing the art of his contemporaries. In works such as, “Dreaming” (Duane Hanson), “Mechanical Pig” (Wim Delvoye), “Destroyed Walls” (Gordon Matta Clark), “MJBH” (Jeff Koons), among many others, the playful McCarthy seeks to do his colleagues one better. A dangerous game, but all his gestures maintain that distinct McCarthy touch. This jammed packed installation leaves no room for rest, for the eye or the mind.

“AIR BORN/AIR BORNE/AIR PRESSURE” at Middelheim museum Antwep, Belgium. May 27, – Oct. 26, 2007

“Head Shop/Shop Head (works 1966 – 2006)”, S.M.A.K. October 13, – February 17, 2008.

Paul McCarthy is represented by Hauser & Wirth, Zurich / London