Chris Berens


Dutch artist Chris Berens is currently presenting new work in an exhibition titled “The Heaven Show” at the Jaski Gallery in Amsterdam. This marks the artist’s third show with the gallery since his 2005 career-launching exhibition. Berens uses a polar landscape filled with symbolic creatures that resemble the polar bear, penguin and lady bird that are all in existence to guide and protect the viewer during the transcendence into a heavenly realm. The artist uses a multitude of media and technique to achieve his imagery, including ink, acrylic, collaged paper, photograph fragments, fabric and wallpaper. Berens treats his paintings as records of personal emotion, saying, “It is rather the sum of feelings and images that merge into something greater.” The artist has exhibited in the annual Realisme in Amsterdam and ArtFair in Den Bosch for the past two years. Berens has also exhibited with STOK in Diemen and in Voorportaal in Oirschot, The Netherlands.