William Hundley


The enigmatic photographs of William Hundley spring to life with dynamic movement and weightlessness. These photos that appear to be digitally manipulated are actually carefully staged by the photographer using simple fabric covers and models. Hundley wraps each figure in fabric and then instructs the model to leap into the air, which causes the mass to appear floating, effortlessly. The images call into question issues of authenticity and the suspension of belief. Hundley is a graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos and has exhibited in numerous Texas-based galleries including the Else Madsen Gallery in Austin. Hundley has also participated in notable group shows such as “Outside In” with Okay Mountain in Austin and “Malleability, Transparency, Solubility — Charting New Territory with Digital Media” at the Landmark Galleries at the Texas Tech School of Art in Lubbock, TX.

Currently, Hundley is exhibiting in the Texas Biennial held at the Bolm Studios in Austin for which he has received the Juror’s Choice Award.