Francis Upritchard


Artist Francis Upritchard’s work titled “Save Yourself” seems to be a constructed reference to b-grade movies, in which the artist has unearthed an ancient tomb below the gallery that contains a mummified figure. However scary this scenario would seem, the mummy is constructed with rags and a glass eye and vibrates, powered by an electric cord visible on the floor. Upritchard derives many of her images and objects from the archived collections of the Pitt River Museum and the Wellcome Collection. Using dark and haunting metaphors, the artist is able to transform her make shift objects that often contain faux-clay pots, medical instruments and animal heads into relics of natural history or odd tourist shop memorabilia. Upritchard was born in New Zealand and now lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions included works with the Andrea Rosen Gallery and Salon 94, both in New York. The artist has also completed an artist in residence with the Camden Arts Centre in London and has exhibited in New Zealand with the Ivan Anthony Gallery and Artspace in Auckland.